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REAL’s Annual General Meeting on June 29 went smoothly.  This was the third year we resorted to a zoom meeting instead of a potluck dinner.  About 18 people gathered to hear the guest speaker, an update on REAL activities, and participate in the necessary AGM business. 

Urban Stormwater Management was the topic of our guest speaker, Phil Mosher, Planner with the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority.  He covered the need for stormwater management, the role of the RVCA and some of the ways individuals could help.  Slides of his presentation are available here, as well as some fact sheets (from other organizations) that are helpful to homeowners.

  Conserving Lakeshores Infiltration Trenches
  Dripline Trenches Rain Gardens
  Drywells Resloping Rock to Riprap
  Establishing Vegetative Cover Turnouts
  Infiltration Steps Vegetated Swales

Board members described briefly the projects REAL has underway, particularly since our Annual Report was produced in February.  You can see a PDF of the slides if you would like a quick overview. 

Our same six member board is in place, with Katie Hoffman and Dave Thornley ready to complete the second year of their two year term, and Barb Hicks, Karen Schecter, Donna McKenna and Peter Au being elected for an additional two year term.

We welcome your comments and questions on REAL at any time.  Email  [email protected] or use the Contact Us tab, and we can direct your email to the board member or other person responsible.  We also welcome your participation, and encourage you to get involved.  We have more ideas than time, and with help we could do much more.

A recording of the entire meeting is also available.  It runs just over an hour, and starts about 20 seconds into the recording.

REAL Annual General Meeting Recording:


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